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Our Promise To You...

• Ingredients bought fresh and local
• Coffee that is fair trade, organic, and delicious
• Flexibility for vegan and vegetarian lifestyles



Le Milleu is a contemporary gallery space and community café for young creatives to let loose and enjoy some art. We pride ourselves in bringing you memorable art, local events, breathtaking performances, and most importantly, mouth-watering food and beverages.


We deem ourselves as the coolest “baby” of cafes right now. The café started in 2017 by current owner Natalie Wiggins. With the intention of being a nomadic unicorn, she found that travelling between Maryland and Pennsylvania had so many artists with little to know locations to interact. With the help and support of her family and close friends the shop had opened and the realm of the average café had been shaken. Since the launch, the Le Milleu family is steadily growing with our superhero employees and chunkiest of pugs, Loaf! Throughout our growth we always aim to expand promotion of local artists, while delivering delicious and organic food options to our customers. Feel free to stop by for some munchies, a chat, or just to look at some mind blowing art when you have the time.


When it comes to our beverages, Le Milleu works with organic and fair-trade companies that have experience with farming communities in the countries where coffee, and other agricultural products are raised. That means as a customer you are getting the best value of tea, coffee, and cold-pressed juices from our café while helping keep our business relatively local and collaborative with other organizations around the community.


When is comes to food we believe in cooking with fresh, local, and 100% organic ingredients to have our customers healthy and happy. Le Milleu makes it a promise to buy most of our food from local farmers markets or organic food companies. When you come to our shops there is a food item for everyone, no dietary restrictions are off limits, and it seems like it please ask one of our lovely employees for our for replacement items.


The artist’s gallery is one of the most important aspects to Le Milleu. Each month we select a topic and have submissions sent in from our lovely local creatives. Every first Friday of the month we then have the gallery kick-off party showcasing each artist until the end of that month. This is a great way for local artists to get recognition, while earning some sales on their artwork. It’s also a great way for everyone in the community to come together and get to know each other.

**If you are interested in submitting pieces for the gallery show please email lemilleu@gmail.com for more information. Topics are sent out by email subscription on the 5th of every month. Submission deadlines are due on the 20th of every month.

Le Milleu is a gallery and community cafe. Our goal is to bring young adults from the community together through the arts, local events, performances, food, and unique beverages.

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M - TH: 10AM - 6PM
F - SA: 10AM - 12AM
SU: 11AM - 5PM

About Us